People who study the art of romance say that low lights (candles), the color red (flowers), background music, chocolates and cute things are always romantic. The Secret Service offers a package that fits the bill. Add some background music to George's little masterpiece and try not to feel romantic!

When you return to your room, George Marshall, sometimes known as the Love Concierge, will have completed her magic. George's "In-Room Romance Package" is not for wimps. They're full-blown treatments worthy of a Hollywood set.

When she leaves the room, every detail must be perfect. The lights just so, the rose petals turned up, the orchids and plumerias alternating atop the green leaf accents, the candles placed just so with the "lover" petroglyph matches. The chocolates must be stacked in a pyramid in the martini glass with a flower on the correct side. The champagne flutes will be placed diagonally to the ice bucket. The tub , shower and sink will be adorned with flowers and even the toilet paper roll will be decorated with flowers.

If that's not enough, tell George. She'll make it so!

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